Jeffersonville, Indiana

The Jeffersonville, Indiana operation of Revere Plastics Systems is one of the most impressive plastic injection molding facilities in North America. This 220,000 sq. ft. facility operates 30 molding machines (25 1,500 tons) Manufacturing personnel manage almost 100 active and service molds and process more than 20 different engineering-grade resins to service the appliance market.

Our injection and insert molding capabilities are complemented by our plastic welding expertise. We use a variety of bonding technologies, including vibration, sonic, spin, and power welding. Other core competencies include pressure and mass flow leak testing and assembly. This range of capabilities allows us to produce complex, value-added components and assemblies for our customers.

Contact us at:
Revere Plastics Systems
5171 Maritime Road
Jeffersonville, IN 47130